Q1、Who is OneConnect?

OneConnect’s full entity name is“Shenzhen OneConnect Smart Technology Co., LTD.” and is the world's leading Fintech service platform. Focusing on technology empowerment for small and medium-sized financial institutions, the company aims to provide world-leading business block solution for small and medium-sized financial institutions with the world's top Fintech portfolio, and build a huge ecosystem of Fintech services.

Q2、When was OneConnect founded?

OneConnet was founded in 2015, formerly known as Shenzhen Ping An Financial Technology Consulting Co., Ltd.

Q3、What is the relationship between OneConnect and Ping An?

OneConnect is a Fintech service company subsidiary of Ping An, and part of the Ping An 3.0 open platform strategy. Relying on the financial technology accumulation of Ping An Group for nearly 30 years, it has the world’s top Fintech subject matter experts and has rich experience in Fintech practice in the industry.

Q4、What are the advantages of OneConnect?

OneConnect has the world-class AI, Big Data, Block chain, Cloudplatform, Biometric Identification and other advanced technology; for example, the facial recognition technology has achieved 99.8% accuracy, and is one of the earliest domestic companies to develop and apply blockchain.

Q5、Who are OneConnect’s customers ?

We focus on technology empowerment for small and medium-sized financial institutions. As of Q1 2018, we have provided advanced Fintech solutions to more than 450 banks, over 2,100 non-bank financial institutions and over 30 insurance customers.

Q6、What kinds of products does OneConnect have?

Currently, OneConnect has 101 products in four business lines including Digital Banking Solutions, Digital Insurance Solutions, Digital Investment Solutions, and Open Platform, covering sales, product development, risk management, operations and technology. We are a comprehensive Fintech solution provider that has coverage of all major financial industries as well as front, middle and back office functions.

Q7、What is included in OneConnect’s Digital Banking Solutions?

OneConnect’s Digital Banking Solutions provide O2O retail bank cloud service platform and SME financial service platform, and deliver one-stop Fintech solutions for small and medium-sized banks.

Q8、What is included in OneConnect’s Digital Insurance Solutions?

OneConnect’s Digital Insurance Solutions provide insurance Fintech products with intelligent certification, smart flash compensation and smart public valuation as the core, which will bring intelligent innovation to insurance companies' traditional models such as insurance, claims, customer service and preservation.

Q9、What is included in OneConnect’s Digital Investment Solutions?

OneConnect’s Digital Investment Solutions provide an asset management service platform. Focusing on the key needs of customer sales, product design, and risk control from asset management institutions to create solutions based on big data and Ping An’s deep understanding of the industry, such as smart investment and research, ETF product design, and underlying asset risk control system with the aim of speeding the capital management institutions’ growth under the guidance of new regulations.

Q10、What is included in OneConnect’s Open Platform?

OneConnect’s Open Platform provides three types of Fintech basic products, including sales, service and risk management, and provides third-party technology companies with in-place development to further expand the technology product portfolio.

Q11、What is included in OneConnect’s “FiMAX BaaS platform?

The FiMAX BaaS platform and FiMAX Core architecture are infrastructure technology platforms that are independently developed by OneConnect and IP-protected. It provides financial institutions and SMEs with standardized and accessible blockchain services. The platform has industry-leading privacy control solution, high-performance underlying architecture comprehensive data security architecture, GCCA encryption technology, practical architecture design, as well as a variety of configuration and nodes, which allows users to quickly construct a commercialized blockchain network through simple configuration.

Q12、What is included in OneConnect’s Intelligent Financial Service Platform for SMEs?

OnecConnect’s Intelligent Financial Service Platform for SME is a one-stop Fintech service platform tailored for banks and other financial institutions to provide financing service. It can realize the intelligent credit business process of banks and other financial institutions and gain peer-to-peer real-time access to SME information, to achieve fast, efficient, low cost and low risk financing of SME. Since its trial operation, the platform has been deployed to more than 100 cooperative organizations in a short period of time, and has accumulated more than 300,000 SME customers, and provided 13 banks with comprehensive financial services including customer matching, risk control management and intelligent systems.